Detroit Tigers 2023 MLB Draft Profile: SS George Lombard Jr.

East infielder George Lombard (21) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic.
East infielder George Lombard (21) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic. / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers should consider drafting George Lombard Jr.

While the Detroit Tigers' third overall pick will be one of the big names from the top of the class, when the draft order rolls over and Competitive Balance Round A comes up, the Tigers will have another pick.

The Detroit Tigers will select 37th overall after their pick at third overall. I'm not sure if Tigers bench coach George Lombard is in anyone's ear, but I'd be the team's scouting staff has been keeping tabs on George Lomabrd Jr., who is someone many teams will have circled on their draft board.

He may not even be there by the end of the first round, but if the Tigers have the chance to pick Lombard Jr. with their Comp. Round A pick at no.37; it would be a very wise decision for them to do so. There's a lot to like about Lombard Jr., and I'm sure his dad is vouching for him.


George Lombard Jr. is a prep shortstop from Gulliver Prep down near Miami, Fla., where he holds down the team's shortstop position. Cool tidbit, his younger brother Jacob Lombard, patrols third base for Gulliver as the two brothers make up the left side of the infield for Gulliver Prep.

Jacob, a 2026 high school grad, will be a name to keep an eye on in a few years as well, with a toolsed-up profile already that projects to get even better. But we're here to talk about George Jr., so let's get into it.

He's a 6-foot-3, 190-pound shortstop with a projectable frame and a ton of athleticism. He has quick-twitch actions and strength for firm throws across. He's an athletic mover on the dirt with a really clean glove and exchange working into throws. Here's some defensive footage I got during a trip down to Miami to see Lombard.

But the defensive upside is not all. He's a first-round talent easily, and the abilities with the stick help show that. The right-handed hitter has a ton to like, with a really athletic look in the batters' box. He's got looseness to the swing and a ton of barrel whip through the zone. It's a really smooth operation top-to-bottom that produces results.

I have gotten a couple of looks at him, and he has seemingly found ways to get the barrel on the ball and end up on base with real quick hands through the zone. It's a clean operation that projects well. Here's a look at the swing from the open side.


Lombard Jr.'s biggest strength is certainly the athleticism. It shows on both sides of the ball. There's a ton of range and athleticism to work on the left side of the infield moving forward. He moves well, is athletic working through groundballs, and overall just gets it done well.

The athleticism carries over into the batters' box with the fluid operation. Simple stroke with quick hands and just quick-twitch actions. He runs well and just overall has projectable stuff all over the diamond. It's a profile of tools that projects, being a fun investment moving forward as he keeps developing.

Lombard Jr. also has a high IQ with the ability to anticipate and make the smart plays defensively. It really is a profile that's going to intrigue a lot of teams, which is why I think that will intrigue many, and he may not be there at 37th overall, but if he is, the Tigers need to pounce.


While there's a ton of bat speed and some strength at impact, I have not gotten to see a ton of juice out of him in my looks. Again, that's part of the projection component, but the juice leaves some to be desired for. Though the good thing is it's something that could come with time as he continues to develop the frame and get some strength added into the already projectable frame.

The other thing that comes to mind was being able to stay on time for breaking balls. In my looks at him, Lombard Jr. had a couple of tough swings on curveballs from prep arms that are lightyears below the talent he'll see on the backfields and in affiliate ball. It's not to say he has a severe swing-and-miss problem because he does not. But it's simply something I noticed.

Fit with the Detroit Tigers

Listen, as I have said throughout this piece. The Detroit Tigers are not picking him at third overall, but if he is there at 37th, the team has to jump on him. It would be a top-tier pick for them to add him into the organization.

There's a ton to like with Lombard Jr., and the Tigers could bring him into the organization and let him develop through the ranks, with hopes of him being a their big-league shortstop one day. It's not to say it's top-of-the-class tools, but he's one of the best prep shortstops on the market.

He's committed to Vanderbilt, but bringing him into the Tigers organization, where his dad is the bench coach with the big-league club, could be enticing on top of the signing bonus. Nonetheless, the Tigers need to be heavily considering Lombard Jr. if he is there at 37th overall. It's a sound investment the Tigers should be happy to make

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