Detroit Tigers : 3 bold predictions for the 2023 Season

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners - Game One
Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners - Game One / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Here are some general predictions for the Detroit Tigers this season

As pitchers and catchers report , the feels of spring training run true. The 2023 Major League Baseball season is upon us. The players are reporting to their camps, ready to impress in preparation for the upcoming season. Whether it is refining your skills, coming back from injury, or a rookie looking to make noise, spring training has it all.

Along with the excitement of the new season upon us comes expectations and predictions. Players on new teams, red-hot rookies, and bounce back players are just some of the headlines going into spring training. What about expectations? What about predictions? Regardless of the sport, everyone has a prediction and some expectations about their team.

Below are my top three Detroit Tigers predictions for the 2023 season. One or two may be far-fetched but one or two could be a very real happening.

1. Miggy leads the team in home runs

Designated hitter Miguel Cabrera will lead the Detroit Tigers in home runs. Cabrera has not been offensively productive in the past couple of seasons so there is reason to doubt him. However, this is his final Major League Baseball season. He has nothing to lose, therefore he will go out and have fun.

Cabrera is going to leave it all on the field and go out on a high note as only Cabrera can. Cabrera has been a power hitter for his entire career and has hit some big home runs with some impressive single-season totals. Again, this is his final season. He has nothing to lose so he will want to give the fans their money's worth.

2. Greene gets a gold glove

Center fielder Riley Greene will win a gold glove. Last season, Greene got his feet wet in the majors during a difficult season with the Detroit Tigers. Regardless of the situation, Greene played every inning like it was his last. Although young, he played his heart out with determination and motivation to make himself better.

He supplied the Tigers with hitting, speed, confidence, and defense in the outfield during his rookie season. Greene is a speedy outfielder who covers a lot of space between right field and left field. If a ball is hit anywhere close to him, he snags it. He plays his position extremely well for such a young player still earning his stripes. An all-around gifted athlete who is destined to be an all-star sooner than later.

3. Lorenzen wins 20 games

Pitcher Michael Lorenzen will win 20 games for the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have not had a 20-game winner on the mound since 2011 when Justin Verlander won 24. Lorenzen has a career-high eight wins, accomplished in both 2017 with the Cincinnati Reds, and again in 2022 with the Los Angeles Angels.

The reason for my prediction of winning 20 games is he is coming to a new team with a new lease on life and new surroundings. Just like pitchers and catchers, some players really click with teammates when signing on as a free agents.

Lorenzen mixes up his pitches well, moving side to side and up and down with rotation. At 6-foot-3 and 217 pounds, Lorenzen has a lot of force behind his pitches and pitches with aggression. He throws a nasty sinker at 94 mph, and a fastball that clocks 95 mph. He could be a pitcher that really benefits from a change of scenery.

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