Detroit Tigers: 3 changes we'd already make after the first 10 days of the season

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DFA INF Zach McKinstry, call up INF Andre Lipcius

Zach McKinstry is essentially a left-handed Zack Short. He's looked pretty awful at the plate and hasn't looked very sharp in the field either, despite the fact that he was billed as being a good defender. This acquisition has been puzzling from the start. There's no reason to have him other than the fact that he's left-handed. We'd let him go as well.

Andre Lipcius would come up in his place. He's right-handed, and he's off to a slow start in Toledo, but he's at least an unproven commondity. McKinstry has proved that he's not an MLB player, and he did that well before the Tigers traded for him.

Andy Ibanez could be another option if the Tigers think Lipcius needs more time in the minors. He's off to a great start in Toledo with an OPS well over 1.000 as of this writing. I would love to get Parker Meadows or Akil Baddoo up here as well, but I just don't think there's enough room for them at the moment. Kerry Carpenter has been solid so far for the Tigers.

At the end of the day, anybody they have in the system would be better than Zach McKinstry.