Detroit Tigers: 3 changes we'd already make after the first 10 days of the season

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DFA RHP Jose Cisnero, call up RHP Miguel Diaz

It was a mystery as to why Miguel Diaz didn't make the roster in the first place. He allowed just one run all spring. At the time he was sent down, he had yet to allow a run. But now as we've gotten a good luck at the Tigers bullpen early on this season, it's even more of a mind-boggling decision to not carry him.

Nobody has really stood out other than Mason Englert, at least not for the right reasons. Nobody can throw strikes, which is really frustrating. But by far the worst of the bunch has been Jose Cisnero.

I wrote about him last week after he allowed a three-run homer to Yordan Alvarez on a pitch down the chute. He's totally cooked. His velocity is down and has no secondary stuff whatsoever. He hasn't been the same since the shoulder injury he suffered in spring training last year. Everyone can see it except the guy who keeps trotting him out there.

At the very least, he shouldn't be pitching in high leverage situations anymore. If he's not going to be effective, then he can't pitch with runners on. But right now it looks like he can't pitch in the big leagues at all. If we had control of the roster, we'd DFA him.

Miguel Diaz would easily be the guy we'd bring up. His sinker/changeup combo would give the Tigers a unique arm in the bullpen. There are other arms, such as Kervin Castro and Brendan White. Trevor Rosenthal will be ready at some point as well. The Tigers have some options, and they will surely go through them this season.

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