Detroit Tigers: 3 Eduardo Rodriguez trade proposals

The Detroit Tigers are likely to move Eduardo Rodriguez by the Aug. 1 trade deadline
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Here are three trade proposals for Eduardo Rodriguez

The Detroit Tigers will likely be sellers at this year's trade deadline. They don't have a ton of assets to move, but one player in particular is likely to garner a lot of interest, and that's starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez.

E-rod recently returned from an injury to his index finger, and while his first start back wasn't great, you could probably attribute that to rust. He was oustanding before the injury, posting an ERA of 2.13 and a WHIP of 0.98 in 67.2 IP.

The one thing that will likely make things complicated in dealing him is his contract. He has an opt-out at the end of this season, so there's a good chance he'll end being a two-month rental. That could end up limiting the value he has. It's possible the Tigers don't quite get what they truly want for him.

However, he is by far their best trade asset, and left-handed starters don't hit the trade market very often. The Tigers should still get a nice return for E-rod. With that said, here are three trade proposals for Eduardo Rodriguez to give fans an idea of what the expect at the deadline.

All of these trades will be done using Baseball Trade Values.

Trade prosposal #1

Dodgers' president Andrew Friedman has already come out and said that the team is looking to add pitching at the trade deadline, which makes total sense. Their starting pitching staff has been decimated by injuries, with Dustin May, Walker Buehler, Julio Urias, and Clayton Kershaw all missing time this season. Noah Syndergaard was signed as a free agent this offseason, but he struggled and now he's hurt as well. It's safe to say they will be looking for reinforcments over the next few weeks.

The Tigers seem like a good fit here. They can give the Dodgers a much-needed frontline starter, and the Dodgers have a pretty loaded farm system. Let's try to work out a deal.

Dodgers get: SP Eduardo Rodriguez

Tigers get: INF Jorbit Vivas, (No. 11 Dodgers prospect per MLB Pipeline), RHP Landon Knack (No. 17), INF Devin Mann (No. 30)

The Tigers get two infield prospects and an arm for E-rod in this scenario. Not getting a top-10 prospect may seem like a disappointment, but the Dodgers have a pretty deep system. It would take a lot to get some of the top guys like Miguel Vargas or Andy Pages.

Vivas has walked as much as he's struck out so far this year. That combined with a .298/.403/.477 slashline sure looks like a guy that can dominate the strike zone. The power has slowly started to come along over the pat few years. The 22-year-old would look pretty good in the Tigers system.

Knack has battled some injuries, but he has three plus pitches. He seems like a good arm that Gabe Ribas and company can try to work with.

Mann is 26 years old, so he could probably join the Tigers right away. He has a .981 OPS in Triple-A this year. Pipeline thinks his ceiling is a utilityman, so he works nicely as a throw-in in this trade.