Detroit Tigers: 3 free agents to avoid signing

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SS Dansby Swanson

Scott Harris has pretty much ruled out the possibilty of the Tigers signing a big-name shortstop this offseason, but if he had a change of heart, he should avoid Dansby Swanson at all costs.

Swanson is coming of a 6.4 fWAR season—by far his best. That should be your first red flag. His highest fWAR before 2022 was 3.4 in 2021. It just screams contract year, which tells me he's about to fall off.

I will say that he kept up his offensive production boost from 2021, especially in the power department. He's hit at least 25 home runs each of the last two seasons. The bat has always been the biggest concern for the soon-to-be 29-year-old.

His defense has always been spectaular. Last season, he was second in all of baseball to only the Tigers' own Jonathan Schoop with 20 outs above average. That netted him his first Gold Glove award, and rightfully so. He can pick it at shortstop.

But Swanson's offensive production has always been average at best. He's got a career wRC+ of 94 and a career walk rate of 8.6%, which is just above league average. His hard hit rate for his career is 39.5%. Last year seems like an anomaly.

If the Detroit Tigers decide to change course and sign a star shortstop, they should look elswhere. Xander Bogaerts or Trea Turner would be far better options.

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