Detroit Tigers: 3 free agents who could still help the team in 2023

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There are still some free agents out there that could be of interest to the Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers appear to be done making any major moves as spring training approaches. However, there are still some free agents on the market that could help the team—even some former Tigers.

The Tigers obviously could use some help on offense, but the team could use another bullpen arm as well. A good bullpen isn't very important for a team like Detroit, who is probably not going to compete this season, but it shouldn't be neglected either.

The Tigers have plenty of payroll space to add some more major league talent to this roster. Let's go over a few names that could still help the team in 2023.

LHP Andrew Chafin

It's actually pretty surprising that Chafin is still a free agent. He was one of, if not the best left-handed reliever available this offseason. He's coming off a pretty good year with the Tigers last season.

In 2022, he had a 2.83 ERA and struck out 67 batters in 57.1 innings pitched. He doesn't have overpowering stuff by any means, but he's really good at missing both bats and barrels. Rarely does he allow hard contact.

It's really hard to understand why he's still out there. Relievers were getting paid earlier this offseason, so maybe he's looking to get his money and teams aren't willing to give it to him. But even that doesn't make sense. He's 100% worth whatever money a team would be willing to give him. He's that good at what he does.

Personally, I thought both the New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays were bith good fits for him. They both had needs in their bullpen and were eager to spend money. But both of those teams went in different directions.

So what now? How could the Tigers bring him back knowing Chris Ilitch isn't too keen on spending? They're best bet is to see if he'd take a one-year deal. The main reason he came to Detroit last year in the first place was because it was close to his home in Ohio, so maybe he'd be willing to do that again for a year.

If the Tigers were to do that, they could probably fetch a nice prospect at the trade deadline for him. Relievers are always highly coveted, especially lefties.

If Chafin still won't take a one-year deal even this late in the offseason, then the Tigers can just move on. They should definitely try, though. They don't have any reason not to.