Detroit Tigers: 3 free agents who could still help the team in 2023

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OF Jurickson Profar

Another guy that is surprisingly still available, Profar is also someone I've advocated for. His contact ability and great eye at the plate makes him someone that seems like a good fit for the Scott Harris-Tigers.

He'll turn 30 later this month. He's been rumored to be looking for a long term deal—upwards of five or six years—pretty much the entire offseason. The problem for him is that he really hasn't had the offensive production throughout his career to justify such a pact.

He is coming off a nice season with the Padres in 2022, putting up a 110 wRC+ and 2.5 fWAR in 152 games while also walking at an 11.1% clip. He's never been a high strikeout guy either, which again makes him seem like a good fit in Detroit.

Another thing that makes him a good fit here is his defensive versatility. He doesn't really excel anywhere, but he's played all over the field, settling in nicely in left field for San Diego last season.

At this point in the offseason, the likelihood of Profar getting a long term deal is pretty slim. Scott Harris should see if he'd take a one-year deal, in a similar vein to Chafin. He could also net the team a decent return at the trade deadline if things work out well.

All of these signings would be low-risk, potentially high-reward. The Detroit Tigers really have nothing to lose by inking any one of these free agents to short-term deals.

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