Detroit Tigers: 3 offseason misses that really hurt

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Not signing INF Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson was a popular low-cost target for the Tigers this offseason. After the last couple of injury-riddled season with the Marlins, he was seen as a potential bounce-back candidate. He ended up signing with the Brewers on a one-year, $2.5 million deal. So far in 2023, it looks like that bounce-back may be happening.

In 17 games, Anderson is slashing .298/.373/.509 with three home runs and a 132 wRC+ in 67 plate apperances for the Brew Crew. He's also walking close to 12% of the time.

Anderson would have made for a much better add than Zach McKinstry or Tyler Nevin, or even Cesar Hernandez, who barely made it through spring training. Maybe they were scared of his injury history, which would be understandable. But for $2.5 million, it would have been a pretty low-risk move.

Brian Anderson wouldn't have been a flashy signing, but it would have been a positive one that would have helped the Tigers.

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