Detroit Tigers: 3 players playing better than their numbers suggest

Boston Red Sox v Detroit Tigers
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INF Nick Maton

Maton's surface numbers are quite horrible through 31 plate appearances. He's currently slashing .120/.290/.280 with one home run as of this writing. He hasn't been hitting the ball very hard either. But one thing he has done well is draw a ton of walks.

He's currently sporting a walk rate of 19.4%, which puts him in the 94th percentile according to Baseball Savant. He grinds out every single on of his at-bats. He's one of the few hitters on this Tigers team where if he falls down 0-2 in the count, I don't worry because he could easily work it back to even or full. He has a really good eye up there.

He has struck out a bunch, but he doesn't chase very much. It's clear he has a pretty good understanding of the strike zone, which is something president of baseball operations Scott Harris has been coveting since he was hired.

Much like Carpenter, Maton's approach and process is solid. If he keeps working counts like he has been, he could end up being a nice piece for the Detroit Tigers.