Detroit Tigers: 3 players playing their way off the roster in spring training

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These players are not having good springs for the Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are trying to figure who they will take north when they head to Tropicana Field on March 30 to take on the Rays. Some players are making it very easy on the decision-makers with their poor play.

The Tigers have a lot of people vying for a spot on the Opening Day roster, and some players that we originally thought would be locks have gotten off to rough starts. There have been pitchers and hitters that fall into this category.

Here are a few Detroit Tigers that are playing themselves off the roster in spring training.

SP Matt Manning

It's been a pretty awful spring for Manning. His command has been spotty as best, his velocity has been down, and he's been giving up tons of hard contact. He's pretty much been the only starting pitcher that's had a bad spring. Matthew Boyd, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Spencer Turnbull have all been great.

Because of this, and the fact that Manning has minor league options remaining, it sure seems like the 25-year-old is headed to Toledo to begin the 2023 season. I even had him off my second Opening Day roster projection, and that was before his latest outing, where he gave up four runs in two innings.

This was the year where we really needed to something from the former first-round pick. He's dealt with injuries and inconsitency each of the last two years. This was supposed to be the year he finally shows us what he's capable of. Instead, it's looking like yet another setback.

I'm thinking Joey Wentz takes his spot in the rotation. He hasn't had a wonderful spring by any stretch of the imagination, but he at least knows where his pitches are going. Sadly, I cannot say the same for Manning. Hopefully he can get his stuff together.