Detroit Tigers: 3 prospects due for a promotion

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2B Jace Jung

Jung was the Tigers first-round pick in 2022. He did not impress in 120 plate appearances with High-A West Michigan last season. The plate discipline was exceptional, but he hit for virtually no power.

It was more of the same for the first month of the season before he finally started to break out in May. He's now up to 10 home runs on the season to go along with a slash line of .260/.363/.470 and a 140 wRC+. He's finally starting to play like a first-round pick.

What's interesting is that his walk rate has come down significantly during this stretch. It's down to 12.8%, which is still good, but what's concerning is the strikeout rate has skyrocketed to almost 25%. I think we can chalk that up to him being more aggressive at the plate, and if that means he's hitting for more power, I think we can live with the increase in strikeouts.

If and when Colt Keith gets bumped up, Jung should replace him in Erie. It's time to give him a new test.