Detroit Tigers: 4 dream candidates to be the next TV play-by-play announcer

Here are four candidates that we'd love to see become the next TV voice of the Detroit Tigers
Creighton v Seton Hall
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Don Orsillo

From one play-by-play announcer for a west coast team to another, Orsillo is one of the best baseball announcers around. His emphatic calls, while some consider to be a bit over the top, would be a massive upgrade over Shepard's monotone calls.

Orsillo currently calls games for the Padres. He replaced another legendary broadcaster in Dick Enberg when he retired. He was previously the play-by-play announcer for the Red Sox for 15 seasons.

You may know him for his calls such as "Welcome to Slam Diego!" back in 2020, or this one in 2021 when a relief pitcher hit a grand slam for the Padres off Max Scherzer — yes, you read that correctly.

The likelihood of him leaving the Padres is slim to none, but he would be outstanding. Imagine having to choose between him or Dickerson every night. That would be something.