Detroit Tigers: 4 Matt Manning trade proposals

Here are four trade proposals involving Matt Manning.
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Proposal 4: Manning to Tampa in a blockbuster

We have to end on a blockbuster. It's only fair. The Rays have been rumored to be listening to offers on star OF Randy Arozarena. This give the Tigers a chance to add a really good player without mortgaging their future.

The Rays have some holes in their rotation after several injuries and the recent trade of Tyler Glasnow to the Dodgers. We all know they don't like to spend, so Manning would be a great fit here as a young, controllable starter.

The Ray could also help Manning develop further. They are outstanding at developing pitchers. This is going to take quite a bit of work, and a lot of capital, but the Tigers could get this deal done.

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Arozarena still has three years of team control left himself, so the Tigers give up a pretty penny here. Not only do they give up Manning, but they give up one of their better hitting prospects in Justyn-Henry Malloy, as well as infielder Izaac Pacheco, who's coming off a down season, as a throw-in piece to complete the deal.

Malloy doesn't really have a spot with the Tigers right now because he's essentially positionless. They've tried him at third base, and he was dreadul. They've tried him in the outfield, and he was slightly less dreadful. However, his bat is big league ready, so maybe the Rays, for as smart as they are, can find a position for him.

Arozarena would fit right in to the middle of the Tigers lineup. He could slot in at left field, and give the Tigers more flexibility. Mark Canha has third base experience, so he could get some run there. It would also give Riley Greene an opportunity to have the proper time he needs to recover from Tommy John surgery. Having Arozarena would certainly make Greene's absence much easier to stomach.

This trade would be a bold move that would prove the Tigers are willing to compete. I don't think Harris would try to pull off a move like this, but he should at least try.