Detroit Tigers: 4 overreactions to the opening series against the Rays

Detroit Tigers v Tampa Bay Rays
Detroit Tigers v Tampa Bay Rays / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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Overreaction #4: The Tigers are not dominating the strike zone

From the moment Scott Harris was hired as president of baseball operations, he has talked on and on about wanting to build a team that dominates the strike zone. The Tigers looked like a team that did the exact opposite this past weekend.

From chasing pitches out of the zone, to striking out a bunch, to taking 14 fastballs in the zone for strikes on Sunday, the Tigers were pitiful in the "dominating the strike zone" department.

Now it's going to take time for Harris' vision to fully take effect. He has to get more of his players in here. But he has a front office, a coaching staff, and a manager that appears to be bought in to his vision. The back end is there. We just need to see some of it at the front end.

Overall, I think what fans want to see most at this point is progress. There were signs of it in 2021, but that has long since passed. We have a new head honcho now, and while he has trimmed a lot of the fat, there are still some patches that need to go. He could use some help from his owner, but I digress.

Tigers fans deserve a good team. We've been through hell and back over the past seven years. Our frustration is justified. It's just three games, but that was a pathetic performance. Hopefully they can right the ship here quick.

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