Detroit Tigers: 4 players team should have traded for this offseason

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INF Isaac Paredes

Here's an infielder I definitely would have given up a haul for. We're all familiar with Paredes by now. We all know how a certain trade turned out. That's not what this is about. This is about a different regime making a move to bring a player in to solve the Tigers' third base issue.

Paredes was rumored to be on the trade block all offseason, which doesnt make a lot of sense, but this is the Rays we're talking about. They do a lot of things that don't make sense on paper, but end up working out in their favor because, well, they're the Rays.

Paredes turns 25 on Sunday, and is coming off a true breakout campaign. He slashed .250/.352/.488 with 31 home runs, a .238 ISO, a 137 wRC+, and a 4.3 fWAR. He became the player Tigers fans wanted him to be.

In addition to the offensive breakout, he was a serviceable defender at third base, putting 2 DRS and 0 OAA. He would have been the perfect solution at third for the Tigers.

Remember what I said I would have given up for Jorge Polanco? Yeah, do the same thing here, except maybe throw Justyn-Henry Malloy into the mix. Paredes has four years of team control left, so it would have taken quite a bit to acquire him. But I think it would have been well worth it.