Detroit Tigers: 4 players who should be out of the picture for 2024

These players should not in the Detroit Tigers' plan for the 2024 season.
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The 2023 season is coming to a close. There's less than one month to go, and the Detroit Tigers are pretty much out of it once again this season. It's time to look ahead to 2024.

The Tigers have been playing lots of Quad-A players — players that are too good for Triple-A but not good enough for the big leagues — for several years now. We hoped that would stop with Scott Harris coming in a team president, but this problem only seems to have gotten worse.

The 2023 season has been one giant tryout session. Many players have gotten the chance to show what they can do — or not do. Mostly the second part.

Scott Harris said last offseason that he wanted to earmark at-bats for young players. By that, I guess he meant 25-27 year old waiver claims and fringe big leaguers, and not prospects that are actually unproven and deserve a shot to play.

But enough rambling, because there are some players that we know aren't any good. We're going to go over those, starting right now.

Here are four Detroit Tigers players who should be out of the picture for 2024

Tyler Nevin

Why is Tyler Nevin back up here AGAIN? He's proven time and time again that he's not a good hitter at the major league level. Sure, he hit that three-run homer to dead center way back in April, but that has been his one highlight in a Detroit Tigers uniform.

Nevin had a career slash line of .188/.297/.269 in 263 major league plate appearances with the Tigers and Orioles. He has a career walk rate of almost 12%, but that's about the only value he provides offensively.

He's an amazing hitter in Triple-A. He's hitting .326 with a 135 wRC+ for the Mud Hens this season. But he cannot hit in the big leagues. He's the epitome of a Quad-A player.

I'm not quite sure why Scott Harris is so fascinated with him, but when he was called-up to replace Riley Greene after he was placed on the 10-day IL over someone like Justyn-Henry Malloy or even Colt Keith, there was a collective groan from the fanbase. What is Nevin going to show you that he hasn't already shown?

There's no question about this one. Tyler Nevin cannot be on this roster in any way, shape, or form in 2024.