Detroit Tigers: 4 players who should be out of the picture for 2024

These players should not in the Detroit Tigers' plan for the 2024 season.
Detroit Tigers v Philadelphia Phillies
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Zach McKinstry

Remember when Zach McKinstry had that six-week stretch where he looked like the best leadoff hitter in baseball? He was walking in bunches and just being the most annoying hitter he could possibly be. Well, those days have since passed, and McKinstry has revealed himself to be the player we all thought he was when the Tigers first traded for him.

McKinstry has a slash line of .236/.308/.360 in 454 plate appearances this season. He's completely forgotten how to walk. If he could at least do that, there would be some value.

Pitchers have found that you can just spam breaking balls down and in, and he'll swing every single time. He just can't lay off.

He is decent defensively, and he's a good athlete, but it means pretty much nothing if you can't hit a lick. The Tigers have plenty of other guys in the organization that are more deserving of MLB at-bats than McKinstry.