Detroit Tigers 5 all-time best catchers in franchise history

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3. Mickey Tettleton

Tettleton just makes the cut here, playing the minimum four years. But he played his best seasons with the Detroit Tigers.

He came to Detroit following three years with the Orioles. He played here from 1991-94, and he was an awesome offensive catcher. There aren't a lot of catchers who can hit for as much power as Tettleton did.

The switch-hitter hit at least 30 home runs in each of his first three season with the Tigers while also putting up a wRC+ of at least 125 in all four years with the club. He also walked a bunch. He had two straight seasons with a WAR of at least 5.0.

Tettleton also had an unorthodox batting stance in which he held the bat in slanted position. Detroit Tigers 2022 first-round pick Jace Jung's batting stance has drawn some comparisons to Tettleton's for that very reason.

Tettleton was just a good old-fashioned ballplayer. He crushed baseballs, got on base, and played solid defense. All that makes him the third-best catcher in Detroit Tigers history.