Detroit Tigers: 5 free agents not worth getting into a bidding war over

We want the Detroit Tigers to spend this offseason, but not on these free agents
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
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Josh Hader

Hader was the best reliever in baseball this past year. He struck out over 13.5 batters per nine and had a 1.28 ERA. The walks were a bit high, but the guy was just flat out unhittable for most of the year. He's simply dominant. So why shouldn't the Tigers throw the bag at him?

Well, spending $15+ million a year on a reliever is just not a smart use of resources, especially with a team with as many holes as the Tigers.

Spending that much money on a guy who's only going to appear in about 60 games a year is just not what the Tigers should be doing. If they were a piece or two away and having a wipeout closer would put them over the top, then sure, give Hader all of the money. But the Tigers are from that being the case.

Much like Snell, somebody is going pay Hader a lot of money this offseason. The Tigers should not be that team. If this was 10 years ago, again, by all means, pay the man. But we're going into 2024. They'd be much better off spending that money on a bat.