Detroit Tigers: 5 players in danger of losing their roster spot heading into final week of camp

Mar 4, 2023; Lakeland, Florida, USA; Detroit Tigers outfielder Kerry Carpenter (30) singles during
Mar 4, 2023; Lakeland, Florida, USA; Detroit Tigers outfielder Kerry Carpenter (30) singles during / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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This story was updated Saturday, March 18 at 3:28 p.m. to replace Rony Garcia with Will Vest. We had previously overlooked that Garcia had already been optioned to Triple-A.

These Detroit Tigers have a very important final week of spring training coming up

Spring training is beginning to wind down. The Detroit Tigers' roster is starting to take shape. However, there are still some spots up for grabs. Quite a few players are still jockeying for position.

This is where things start to intensify. The final week of spring training is where spots are won and lost. One outing or at-bat, one way or the other, can change things dramatically. The people that make decisions for the Detroit Tigers are watching closely.

This is a big week for several players on the fringe of the Opening Day roster. Here are five players that need to have a big week in order to have a chance at heading to Tropicana Field on March 30.

OF Kerry Carpenter

The first two players on this list are fighting for the fourth outfield spot, something we talked about earlier this week, so we won't spend too much time on them. We'll begin with Carpenter, who will either need to start hitting bombs at an insane rate like he did in the minors last season or dramatically improve his defense to get a spot on the roster.

Carpenter can turn on a fastball and send it a long way, but he'll also be way out in front on offspeed pitches and breaking balls. He's always sitting dead red, which isn't inherently a bad thing, but he hasn't shown the ability to adjust to slower pitches.

He also doesn't draw a ton of walks, which is not something that Scott Harris will like. Combine those two things with his subpar defense, and it doesn't look good for this chances at the moment. There's still time, but will it be enough? We're about to fine out.