Detroit Tigers: 5 teams that could be good trade partners this offseason

These five teams could make for good trade partners for the Detroit Tigers.
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Baltimore Orioles

Mike Elias has done amazing work as GM of the Orioles. But one thing most people can agree on is that he flubbed this year's trade deadline pretty hard.

The O's really needed an impact starter to put them over the top, and their answer was...Jack Flaherty, who ended up moving to the bullpen. Not exactly an inspiring move.

The result was getting rocked by the Texas Rangers in the ALDS. 101 wins in the regular season, only to lose three straight in the playoffs. Kyle Bradish was fine, but their other starters...not so much.

It's common knowledge that the Angelos family doesn't like to spend money, so the odds of the O's going out and signing someone like Blake Snell are pretty slim. However, they have the richest of rich prospect pools. They can go out and trade for someone pretty easily.

The Tigers would be wise to consider a trade with Baltimore. They could get a major league-ready prospect in return for one of their starters, say, Matt Manning. He's got three years of control still left.

If I'm Scott Harris, I'm having lots of conversations with Mike Elias this offseason. It could lead to a blockbuster deal.