Detroit Tigers: 5 teams that could be trade partners at the deadline

The Detroit Tigers are expected to be sellers at the trade deadline, and several teams could be interested in what they have to offer.
Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers
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5. Cincinnati Reds

Another team that is ahead of schedule, the Reds find themelves in first place in a weak NL Central as of this writing. It sounds like they are going to take advantage of this opportunity and buy at the trade deadline.

Morosi reports that the Reds have been calling around looking for starting pitching help. As we've established, the Tigers have starting pitching to give. The Reds have the third-worst starter ERA in the majors, so they would be wise to look for upgrades if they truly want to compete this season.

The Reds have basicially called up all their good prospects this season, which has led to their sudden surge. Obviously Elly De La Cruz gets all the press, and for good reason, but Matt McClain, Spencer Steer, and Andrew Abbott have also been outstanding rookies for the Reds this season, and they have even more talent on the way.

This could be a dream pairing for the Tigers. Like the Orioles, the Reds have a stacked farm system. We would love to see them land someone like Noelvi Marte or Christian Encarnacion-Strand — both top 100 prospects — but that doesn't seen likely, though Encarnacion-Strand isn't completely out of the conversation.

What would be interesting is to see if the Reds would be willing to give up big league talent such as Jonathan India. India was the NL Rookie of the Year in 2021, but has struggled with injuries and inconsistency since. He does walk a good amount and doesn't chase. He could also potenially solve the Tigers' third base problem. I'm very curious to see if Cincy would part with him.

The Reds could be the perfect trade partner for the Tigers. They need starters, and have the ammo to make a deal.