Detroit Tigers: 6 bold predictions for the 2024 season

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Jack Flaherty won't last the season

I've been very vocal about how I don't care for the Jack Flaherty signing. There are just so many signs that he's cooked. I'm so certain in my feelings that I don't think he will end the 2024 with the Detroit Tigers.

Flaherty will either get hurt, or underperformance — if you can even call it that — will force the Tigers to pull the plug. He is signed to a one-year deal, so it's very easy for the Tigers to move on from him and eat the remaining money.

The Tigers have plenty of young starters that will be forced to start the year in Triple-A that deserve more innings that Flaherty anyhow. Reese Olson and Sawyer Gipson-Long are far more deserving of innings that a 28-year-old with a history of shoulder injuries.

One way or another, Jack Flaherty will not be a Tiger by season's end. If somehow he ends up being serviceable and lasts the season, I'll be happy to eat my words. But I'll believe it when I see it.