Detroit Tigers: 6 bold predictions for the 2024 season

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Casey Mize doesn't make the Opening Day roster

I've long thought that Casey Mize was shoe-in for the rotation once he recovered from Tommy John surgery. He's a former No.1 pick, after all. Why would they not save a spot for him?

Well, the more I think about it, the more it makes all the sense in the world to give him some rehab outings in Toledo before having him pitch to big league hitters. It's been roughly two full seasons since he's thrown a pitch in a major league game. He needs some more reps before they throw him into the fire.

Think about that whole arbitration filing debacle last month. The organization wouldn't pay him what was essetially a league-minimum salary before they finally came to their senses. Do you really think they are counting on him this year?

Keep in mind that he's not only coming off Tommy John surgery, but an additional back surgery as well. That's two major surgeries at once. No wonder it's taken two years.

The organization is clearly not depending on him this season. He'll get some innings with the Tigers for sure, but it won't be until May at the earliest.