Detroit Tigers: 6 bold predictions for the 2024 season

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Justyn-Henry Malloy gets traded at the deadline

JHM was acquired in the Joe Jimenez trade at the Winter Meetings in 2022. Since then, he's gone through a bit of a roller coaster. At first, he seemed like the poster child for a Scott Harris guy: an absolute grinder who will walk at an insane rate. Early on in Triple-A, that appeared to be the case.

Then he struggled mightily in May. It looked like pitchers had figured something out on him. He was able to get it bck together still manage a pretty good season down in Toledo, but there was something else to worry about — his defense. It was bad, no matter where he played.

He was terrible at third base, and he didn't grade out much better in the outfield. Now, in order to make the Tigers Opening Day roster out of camp, he's going to have to keep hitting. Even then, I'm at the point where I'm no longer convinced his future is with the Detroit Tigers.

So, I'm going to say he gets moved at the trade deadline for an established bat. The Tigers don't really have a spot for him right now. Maybe he hits so well that the Tigers are forced to find a spot for him, but until he proves otherwise, JHM seems like trade bait.