Detroit Tigers: 6 bold predictions for the 2024 season

Detroit Tigers v Oakland Athletics
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The Tigers finish with a win total in the low-to-mid 80s, but just miss out on the playoffs

I had to include one team-based prediction here. I think the Tigers will prove that the end of last season wasn't a fluke. I think they'll continue to beat up on the bad teams in the AL Central like the White Sox and the Royals. But I also think they'll continue to struggle against quality opponents.

I think the pitching will be solid, especially the rotation. Other that Flaherty, this should be a nice starting five, with guys like Sawyer Gipson-Long still around for depth purposes. The bullpen should be better than last season.

Offensively, the addition of Colt Keith and the hopeful breakout of Parker Meadows should make up for the lack of production they'll get from third base. Mark Canha should provide a nice veteran presence to the lineup.

Last season, the Tigers won 78 games, which was more than most people expected. This season, they are projected to win around 75 games by PECOTA. Obviously that's not a perfect system, but it's one that many people take a lot of stock into.

Last year, I undershot on my prediction. I said they would go 72-90. This year, I'm thinking they'll win somwhere between 82-85 games and just miss out on a playoff spot. Last season, two teams made the playoffs with a record of 84-78. One of the those teams was the Arizona Diamonbacks, who went on to make the World Series.

However, I think the American League is still too top heavy for the Tigers to make it. Had they made a worthwhile addition the lineup, I would probably feel a bit differently. But for now, while I see an improvement, I don't see playoffs for the Detroit Tigers in 2024.