Detroit Tigers: 6 spooky scenarios that are frightening to think about

In the spirit of Halloween, we have come up with some scary scenarios for the Detroit Tigers.
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Halloween decorations are seen placed at the café entrance... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Tarik Skubal has another major surgery

Tarik Skubal was money after returning from flexor tendon surgery. He looked like he hadn't missed a beat after missing almost a full season. He looks like he should be Tigers ace for the forseeable future.

But what if he suffers another elbow injury? What if he has to have Tommy John surgery for the second time in his career?

Skubal had his first TJS as a freshman in college, and the book on TJ is that it only keeps the UCL in tact from 5-10 years before it becomes prone to another tear. He lucked out last yar, but next time he may not be so lucky.

You never know what can happen. Who knows? Maybe he stays major injury-free for the rest of his time in Detroit, though that doesn't seem likey given the frequency of elbow injuries among pitchers these days. There has been talk about possibly trading Skubal this offseason, but I am personally VERY against, but I guess I can see why people would want to move him to get peak value for him in the event he has another injury.

All we can do is hope and pray that Skubal stays healthy.