Detroit Tigers: 6 spooky scenarios that are frightening to think about

In the spirit of Halloween, we have come up with some scary scenarios for the Detroit Tigers.
Halloween decorations are seen placed at the café entrance...
Halloween decorations are seen placed at the café entrance... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Spencer Torkelson regresses back to rookie form

Tork took a huge step forward in 2023. He went from just eight home runs in 2022 to 31 this past season. He made consistent hard contact, and the swings were just so much better than his rookie campaign.

But what if it was all a mirage? What if he ends up reverting back to his 2022 form? That would certainly punch in the gut to Tigers fans after seeing him improve so much.

If Tork went back to being late on every fastball and looking lost at the plate on a nightly basis, we could see the bust label being thrown around again, only this time, it would be justified. To see him start to look like the guy they took No. 1 overall in 2020, only to go back to someone who should have flamed out in Double-A would be incredibly disappointing.

It seems highly unlikely Tork falls off that hard, but it's a scary thought nonetheless.