Detroit Tigers: 6 spooky scenarios that are frightening to think about

In the spirit of Halloween, we have come up with some scary scenarios for the Detroit Tigers.
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Halloween decorations are seen placed at the café entrance... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Riley Greene suffers an offseason setback

All signs point to Riley Greene being ready for Opening Day 2024 after undergoing Tommy John surgery in September. Being a position player as opposed to a pitcher certainly helps with that. He may have to DH at first, but from everything we've read and heard, he should be all set to go.

But what if he suffers a setback in his recovery? What if he feels some elbow soreness in spring training? That would be very deflating, especially for Greene himself, who's already had several injuries throughout his short MLB career.

When healthy, Greene is the Tigers' best player. He's athletic, has a sweet swing, has some swagger, and has shown the ability to hit .300 with 20+ homers. He could be a really special player. He just hasn't been able to stay healthy.

Some people have said he could be the next Grady Sizemore. Remember him? He was an outstanding player for Cleveland in the mid to late 2000s before injuries wrecked his career. Personally, I feel it's too early to start making that claim, but I would lying if I said I didn't see some similarities.

Greene is the Tigers most important player. They need him to be healthy if they want to compete in 2024. The thought of him missing more time in 2024 is certainly frightening.