Detroit Tigers: AL Central offseason roundup: November

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Minnesota Twins (78-84 in 2022)

Speaking of disappointing seasons, the Twins and the next team we'll talk about may have had the two most disappointing seasons in the entire league. They shocked the baseball world when they signed Carlos Correa to a three-year deal after the lockout ended. The catch? There were opt-outs after every season. Shockingly enough, he exercised that opt-out, so he's currently a free agent.

The Twins had a good team on paper. Stars like Correa and Byron Buxton headlined the lineup, and a solid pitching staff led by Sonny Gray and rookie Joe Ryan made them a tough foe. But things went south quickly for this team.

All season long we talked about how much the Tigers season was derailed by injuries. Don't tell that to the Twins. They lost over 10 WAR due to players being on the IL. They were fifth in the league in games missed by players on the IL. They had 11 players on the IL at one point.

Still, the team was good enough to where they should have made the playoffs, especially since they play in this division. They'll surely look to be better in 2023.

They've had a relatively quiet offseason so far. They made a minor trade, acquiring infielder Kyle Farmer from the Reds on Nov. 19 and also traded 3B Gio Urshela to the Angels. Urshela was on of their better hitters with a 121 OPS+ last season, so that's an interesting move. But that's pretty much been it so far.

They are rumored to be looking for a catcher, in addition to trying to re-sign Correa. GM Thad Levine has shown to be creative in the past. It'll be interesting to see what he's got up his sleeve this time around.