Detroit Tigers all-time starting rotation by WAR

Here's a look at what the Tigers' Mount Rushmore of pitching looks like by the numbers.
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Hal Newhouser - 58.8 WAR

In somewhat of an upset, the #1 starter in the Tigers' all-time starting rotation goes to Hal Newhouser. Another throwback, Newhouser pitched for the Tigers from 1939 to 1953. It must have been next to impossible to garner offense against Detroit in the 1940's with Newhouser, Bridges, and Trout having overlapping careers back then.

Newhouser checks a lot of boxes. He won 200 games for Detroit while posted a 3.07 ERA and 3.27 FIP in nearly 3,000 innings as a Tiger. Not only did Newhouser get named to seven straight All-Star teams, but he also won back-to-back MVP awards in 1944 and 1945 and nearly made it a three-peat when he finished second in 1946.

That three year stretch Newhouser put up from 1944-1946 deserves a closer look because he was legitimately nuts. In 124 games (104 starts), Newhouse posted a 1.99 ERA with an 80-27 record including 83 complete games. Sure, it was a different era where complete games were more common, that is still bonkers production.

Sure, Newhouser probably wouldn't be #1 on most fans' lists as he just doesn't have the name recognition given when he played. However, the numbers tell a different story and hopefully help give him the recognition he deserves.

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