Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Phillies fans react to the Gregory Soto trade

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Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Phillies fans have mixed reactions about the Gregory Soto trade

The Detroit Tigers traded LHP Gregory Soto to the Philadelphia Phillies earlier today for OF Matt Vierling, INF Nick Maton, and C Donny Sands. INF Kody Clemens was also traded to the Phillies in this deal.

We figured we'd take this opportunity to look at how both fanbases are reacting to this trade.

Some Tigers fans have wanted Soto gone for a while now. Now that he is, some people are happy, but some still aren't satisfied yet. They don't think they got enough in return for a reliever with three years of control. For example:

Look, Soto definitely had some value, but the Tigers were never going to get a top prospect in return for him. He's far too volatile of a player for that to happen. Instead, they got two, maybe even three role players for him. Vierling could even start in the outfield for this team. This is probably the best the Tigers were going to do.

This is a bit more reasonable, but remember that Al Avila was running the team at the deadline, not Harris. Who knows, maybe Harris would have been able to pull off a deal last year. But we'll never know that.

Now, for a couple reactions that are favorable toward the trade.

This is pretty much where I'm at. Could the Tigers have gotten more for Soto? Maybe, but it seems unlikely. But Harris was able to get two of his offensive needs in one trade. The team is better as a result of this trade.

This. This this this. Al Avila would have never made a trade like this. He would never made this kind of a calculated risk. He wasn't that creative. Harris is. He has a long track record of moves like this dating back to his time with the Giants. This is a solid move that could pay dividends in the long run.

Now let's check in on Phillies fans.

Oh boy. There were a lot of Phillies fans that were upset about losing depth, which is a legitimate concern. All the best teams have depth, and the Phillies are obviously trying to win a World Series. But their bullpen was probably their biggest weakness a year ago. It got hot in the playoffs, but it was pretty shaky in the regular season. Soto is pretty shaky himself, but maybe they can harness his stuff like they did with Jose Alvarado.

I can see this as well. The Phillies don't have a great option in CF. Brandon Marsh is great defensively, but can't hit. Vierling is a heck of an athlete as well, something I think Tigers fans are going to really enjoy.

Overall, both fanbases seem to be mixed on this trade. I've seen more positive reactions from Tigers fans than Phillies fans, whatever that's worth. Only time will tell who ends up winning this trade.

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