Detroit Tigers: Austin Meadows looking to settle in early in 2023

Detroit Tigers right fielder Austin Meadows (17) at bat during a Spring Training contest.
Detroit Tigers right fielder Austin Meadows (17) at bat during a Spring Training contest. / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows is looking to settle in.

The Detroit Tigers are getting closer and closer to the start of the 2023 season. They continue to inch toward the beginning of the campaign, and things could get interesting for the team's lineup. Even though there are question marks about his performance, Austin Meadows is one of the sure bets to get chances early on.

As Spring Training winds down, Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows is really starting to try and settle in. He aims to get things going early in 2023 and be an impactful part of the Tigers' lineup while patrolling right field for them.

If he is able to build some momentum early in the 2023 season, there could be a lot to like when it comes to having Meadows in the team's outfield. After all, the Tigers acquired Meadows before the 2022 season when former Tigers General Manager (GM) Al Avila flipped Isaac Paredes to the Rays for Meadows.

Things ultimately did not work out in 2022 for Meadows and now he's looking to come back out and return to 100%. Things started out alright, as he logged 36 games for the Tigers. Meadows hit .250/.347/.328 with six doubles and two triples while driving in 11 runs.

He had shown some good traits and looked like he was poised for a good performance in a Tigers uniform in 2022. But the adversity bug got him and made it an incredibly frustrating season. It even ended resulting in his season ending early.

First, it was a COVID-19 diagnosis that left him away from the team and off the field for some time. He also was dealing with some vertigo issues that made it tough to get healthy and get back underway, to rejoin the Tigers outfield.

Finally, he was cleared to get back on the field, and while ramping back up, he ended up with issues on both of his Achilles' tendons, leading to even more time away from the field. Finally, it was announced that Meadows was not going to return to the field in 2022.

Eventually, it was announced with some clarity that Meadows opted to step away as he handled some mental health struggles. Given the adversity he was dealing with in 2022, it is completely understandable that Meadows needed some time to reset and get right.

But as the 2023 season gets closer, Meadows is looking to get back on track and start the season out on the right foot. Things should go much smoother for Meadows this summer, especially if he is able to start the season out right.

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