Detroit Tigers: Casey Mize returns to throwing program following scare

Detroit Tigers pitcher Casey Mize throwing once again.
Tigers pitcher Casey Mize runs in the outfield during practice during spring training on Monday,
Tigers pitcher Casey Mize runs in the outfield during practice during spring training on Monday, / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Detroit Tigers pitcher Casey Mize is back to throwing.

The Detroit Tigers season is in the home stretch as they continue to knock off games for the remainder of the 2023 season. One of their players who is expected to play a big role moving forward is Casey Mize, and he's been on his road to recovery.

After undergoing Tommy John surgery, the Detroit Tigers first overall pick has continued to work towards a return to the mound slowly. Mize was considered the team's ace in the past and has yet to establish himself due to the injury. He's looking to return to the mound and prove he can be a big piece of the puzzle in the team's rotation.

Mize has been ramping back up, working through his rehab process, and getting on the mound again. However, he recently gave Tigers fans a scare when he ended a Live-BP session early. Even though it was a matter of a few pitches, there's always concern.

While Tigers skipper A.J. Hinch tried to shrug off questions when asked about it, there was certainly at least some concern. Hinch noted that it was just some fatigue that caused MIze to end things early, noting that it's been a long process for Mize to recover, and he's been taking his time and was just not quite at 100% and opted to pull the plug on the outing.

It's great that the Tigers are taking their time with Mize, allowing him to ramp back up at his own pace. However, Mize still has a long way to go as he has to get back on the mound and make a few rehab starts before the Tigers can think about putting him on a big-league mound for a game.

But patience is key, and he has time on his side with the Tigers not rushing him. The good news for Mize is that he has already begun throwing again. The Tigers announced he was going to take a break after ending the outing early, but he has since started to pick things back up at a lower pace as he continues to work back from surgery.

The Tigers seem adamant about letting Mize take his time, avoiding any rush toward a return. It's great for the long run and important as Mize continues his rehab process. The thing that concerns me is that he's still undergoing this level of fatigue.

It's a long process to come back from Tommy John surgery, even if it is less of a career killer than it was years ago, but Mize has a history with some arm trouble, so it has to be a little worrisome for the future.

Mize was a first-overall draft choice, and the hope from many fans was that the former Auburn Tigers standout was going to come in and be "the guy" in the team's rotation. But Mize may not be that guy. Given his career path to this point, he can still serve as a big piece to the puzzle of the team's rotation, but he may not be the player many expected him to be.

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