Detroit Tigers: An update on Miguel Cabrera milestones

Miggy Month Coverage: An update on Miggy's milestones
Detroit Tigers designated hitter Miguel Cabrera (24) looks into the dugout after reaching base.
Detroit Tigers designated hitter Miguel Cabrera (24) looks into the dugout after reaching base. / Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera closing in on career milestones.

The Detroit Tigers continue to move through their final month of the schedule. This means that Miguel Cabrera will continue to march toward the end of his career in Major League Baseball. As a post from Co-Expert Matthew Scheidel mentioned, it's "Miggy Month" here at Motor City Bengals.

As Miguel Cabrera closes out his big league career, he still has a chance to improve some of his career numbers. He's achieved plenty in his career, heck, he's one of the 27 players EVER to win the Triple Crown. The Detroit Tigers faithful have plenty of great memories with Miggy over the years, and it's the final stretch for him in his last season.

He announced that he was going to be retiring from Major League Baseball after 21 seasons before the 2023 season. It's been a lengthy year for the Tigers legend as he's continued to climb the career milestones in some categories. Not to mention, other teams pay homage to the star, giving him a tribute during some of the Tigers' road trips.

But it's not quite over yet. Cabrera still has some time to add a few hits, add a couple of home runs, and try to continue moving up the leaderboard. That being said, here's a look at where he stands on the career milestones.

Cabrera has played in 2,778 games over his career, where he has 3,152 hits, 622 doubles, 510 home runs, 1,871 RBI, and a career .306 batting average. Before we talk about who he may be able to catch or pass up, let's talk about 2023.

Cabrera has played in 79 games this season for the Tigers, where he has slashed .243/.312/.335 over 263 at-bats. He has 64 hits, 15 doubles, three home runs, and 24 RBI to his credit. It's not the same Miggy most remember, but the 40-year-old can still hit.

In terms of his career chase, he could move into the top-25 in games played if he plays the remaining 27 games. Obviously, he's likely to need a day off mixed in, but he would be able to pass up Tris Speaker and move into 25th in all-time games played.

On the hit milestones, Cabrera is 18th on the leaderboard, tied with Paul Waner. If he adds just a trio of hits over the month, he will move past George Brett for 17th on the all-time career hits leaderboard. Ahead of Brett stands Adrian Beltre at 3,166 career hits, requiring 14 from Cabrera to catch him.

While Cabrera may not be out here legging out the extra-base hits like a speedy rookie, he's also got the chance to move up the leaderboard there. He would tie Hank Aaron for 13th all-time at 624 with two doubles. Catching David Ortiz with 632 career doubles in 12th place will be too much for the big man, but a couple of them would do the job.

When it comes to the long ball, Cabrera got his 500th home run back in 2021. The power is not there like it used to be, but he can still piece one up and belt it out of the yard. He moved up to 26th all-time after passing up Gary Sheffield, but he may be able to creep up a bit farther. One more home run would tie him for 25th all-time with Mel Ott. Getting to 512 would tie him with Ernie Banks and Eddie Matthews. So there's a chance he could move up a bit if he taps into the power.

In terms of run production, the Tigers may not be helping the cause in terms of run production, but Cabrera may be able to move up one spot. He's currently 13th on the list and could pass Cap Anson in 12th if he can surpass 1,879 RBI, which would require him to drive in nine runs.

There's still time left, and Cabrera has a chance to move up the all-time leaderboards across some of the categories. Keep an eye out for Cabrera and also more Miggy Month coverage here on Motor City Bengals.

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