Detroit Tigers draft board: 3 prep favorites & 3 college favorites

East pitcher Charlee Soto  throws during the Perfect Game All-American Classic at Chase Field
East pitcher Charlee Soto throws during the Perfect Game All-American Classic at Chase Field / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Detroit Tigers have to be considering drafting Jack Hurley.

Last year as the Detroit Tigers got ready and pieced together their 2022 draft board, Gavin Cross was one of the standout players. He was an absolute stud in the Virginia Tech Hokies lineup last year and was someone I really was hoping the Tigers would target.

That said, Jack Hurley has a similar makeup to Cross. Hurley's patrolling the outfield for the Hokies and needs to be someone that the Detroit Tigers try to target as a part of their draft class in 2023. He's got the potential to show some serious tools for the Tigers organization.

When the Detroit Tigers took Jace Jung in 2022, I was hoping they would grab Gavin Cross instead. The Tigers will have another chance to grab another left-handed hitting Virginia Tech outfielder in Jack Hurley.

The left-hander plays all three outfield positions but is likely to hold down a corner spot, often patrolling left field with the Hokies. He's got a 6-foot, 185-pound frame with an athletic build in a slender frame that works.

For the Cavaliers, Hurley has slashed .341/.413/.780 with 11 doubles, a triple, and 15 home runs with 41 RBI over 132 at-bats across 33 games played. His operation in the box has been great, as he has locked down a role in the Hokies lineup.

In the batters' box, Hurley starts with the feet spread, back elbow up, and a bit of a swaying motion as he gets timed up. He's quick to load and get the hands into a hitting position, and lifting the leg up a good bit.

There's a ton of bat speed in a really fluid move as he works through the zone. Just a ton to like about what Hurley has to offer. Here's an open-side look at his swing, showing off-the-bat speed and ability to get on plane to drive the ball.

There's a good chance that the Tigers may not get a chance to pick Hurley. But the collegiate outfielder can get the job done in the batters' box and should be someone they give some thought to in the 2023 draft. He's not the exact same as Gavin Cross, but if you missed out on one Hokies outfielder, why not grab one the next year?

Hurley has a ton to like in the batters' box. He's able to show off bat speed and the ability to adjust and also separate well—just a lot to like in his operation in the batters' box. Even if the frame is not the most exciting, the abilities are there.