Detroit Tigers: Everyone is to blame for this terrible series against Oakland

This series against the A's is embarrassing, and it starts at the top.
Tigers president Scott Harris acknowledges the crowd as he   s introduced to them during the Detroit
Tigers president Scott Harris acknowledges the crowd as he s introduced to them during the Detroit / Eric Seals / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Detroit Tigers have embarrassed themselves against the worst team in baseball

The Detroit Tigers have officially hit rock bottom for the 2023 season. They've lost two games in a row to one of the worst baseball teams of all-time in the Oakland Athletics. The A's are a team that is actively trying to lose games, and the Tigers have rolled over each of the the last two nights.

They were shutout by a team with an ERA north of 6 on Monday — in 10 innings, by the way — then blown out in embarrassing fashion, 12-3, last night. Just awful stuff.

People have been pointing fingers at various people in the organization, but the fact of that matter is this falls on everyone, from top to bottom. Nobody is safe here. Everyone in this organization is to blame here.

Let's start at the bottom. The players — they're not good. This offense is terrible for the second straight year. Javier Baez is quickly turning into the worst contract in frachise history. Spencer Torkelson is still going through growing pains. Jonathan Schoop is cooked.

When 40-year-old Miguel Cabrera is your best right-handed hitter, you have a problem.

The pitching has been okay, but the starters need to eat more innings. Injuries haven't helped, but they need more out of their starters. This bullpen is taxed. The players need to be better.

The manager, A.J. Hinch. Why on earth is he not playing his best hitter in Kerry Carpenter? Would he have helped in a game like last night's? Probably not. But Monday night, in a one-run game? He could have made a huge difference.

This platoon nonsense is getting out of hand. The team has a higher batting average left-on-left (.245) than it does right-on-left (.231). Kerry Carpenter has a 186 wRC+ against LHP so far this year. There's no reason to sit him against lefties. Play your best players.

The president of baseball operations, Scott Harris. What on earth was that interview on Bally Sports Detroit last night? Does he not realize how tone deaf that was? He's watching his team get curbstomped by one of the worst teams ever and he's telling us that the kids down in Toledo aren't ready yet. What the heck, man?

How can you possibly watch Tyler Nevin, Jonathan Schoop, and Jake Marisnick stink it up on the field and say that Colt Keith, Parker Meadows, and Justyn-Henry Malloy can't do any better? It's like they aren't trying to win...oh wait, they aren't.

They aren't trying to win. If they were, they would have spent money this offseason and/or called up some prospects already. We are in year 8 of losing baseball.

I realize that's not entirely Harris' fault, but he needs to realize this when he's talking to the media. He just can't say tone deaf statements like that.

And then there's ownership. Chris Ilitch doesn't care. He let one of the worst GMs in the history of the sport run this team into the ground for seven years, and now he's letting his new president of baseball ops run another uncompetitive product on the field. What a joke.

I've already written way too much about Ilitch and his lack of desire to field a competitive baseball team, but this as much his fault as it is anybody elses for continuing to allow this to happen.

All we want is a winning baseball team again. That's it. It's not complicated. We've watched this team be absolutely terrible for eight years now. Fans are fed up.

If you're looking for someone to blame for the atrocities of the last two nights, give everyone in this organization a point of your finger.

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