Detroit Tigers: How to watch spring training games in 2023

Detroit Tigers Spring Workout
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Soon you'll be able to watch Detroit Tigers baseball on your TV once again. Here's how.

Spring training is just around the corner. One week from today, pitchers and catchers who are not playing in the World Baseball Classic will report for spring training. It's almost that time of year. The Detroit Tigers will be playing baseball games again soon

They will start Grapefruit League play on Feb. 25 against the Phillies. Most of the games this spring will be available to listen to on the radio. However, there will also be select games that will be broadcast on Bally Sports Detroit, the first of which being Sunday, March 5 against the Twins.

However, how you'll be able to watch these games will be a little different both this spring and during the 2023 season. Bally Sports Detroit is doing things a little different than they have in the past. Let's talk about how you can watch the Detroit Tigers this season.

Before we get to the TV stuff, it's worth noting that most of the games both this spring and during the regular season will be broadcast on the radio. Listening to the legendary voice of Dan Dickerson will almost always be an option. There are a few spring training games that won't be available on the radio, but for the most part you can always listen to games on the radio.

Games on TV this season will work differently, as I mentioned earlier. Bally Sports Detroit is no longer available via most cable subscriptions, which is something Bally Sports has been trying to make happen since they acquired the FOX regional sports networks a couple of years ago. It sounds like FuboTV now carries the Bally Sports networks, so that is an option. But for the most part, all the Bally Sports networks are only available via their own streaming service, Bally Sports Plus.

Bally Sports+ can be purchased for $19.99 a month or $189.99 for an annual subscription. If you don't really watch the Red Wings or the Pistons and only watch the Tigers, you can simply pay the $19.99 throughout the course of the season, then cancel when the season ends. You'd end up paying roughly $120 for the season since it lasts about six months.

It kind of stinks that Bally went this route, but that's just the way the industry works now. However, fans may not have to deal with this much longer. Sinclair, the parent compmay that owns the Bally Sports Networks, is reportedly preparing to file for bankruptcy. If that does happen, MLB may take their broadcasting rights away. What happens after that, we don't really know. The league could look to go a few different ways.

As of right now, that's really your only option to watch Detroit Tigers baseball both this spring and during the regular season. MLB Network may carry a few spring training games via opposing team's broadcast, and the Tigers may be on some national telecasts on FOX and FOX Sports 1 during the regular season. The Tigers are also slated to have three games broadcasted as a part of MLB's Sunday leadoff schedule on Peacock. For those games I would just listen on the radio. It's bot worth paying for another streaming service for three games, unless you already have it, of course.

Detroit Tigers baseball is getting closer by the day. Soon you'll be able to see what the 2023 iteration of the team will look like.

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