Detroit Tigers: Jake Marisnick has panned out well early on

Detroit Tigers outfielder Jake Marisnick lets a throw go from the outfield.
Detroit Tigers outfielder Jake Marisnick lets a throw go from the outfield. / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

Detroit Tigers adding Jake Marisnick has been a good move.

The Detroit Tigers had to scramble to get themselves outfield help. Amid some injuries, the team went out and grabbed Jake Marisnick from the Chicago White Sox, purchasing his contract from them.

While they have gotten some of their outfielders back, the Detroit Tigers have also had to rely on outfielder Jake Marisnick, probably a bit more than was anticipated. The 32-year-old outfielder has panned out quite well and has been a good addition for the Tigers.

It's not that he's some all-star caliber outfielder or some amazing player, but he's been a solid addition for the team. The Tigers have gotten some impressive fielding out of him, settling into centerfield nicely.

Through 11 games played in 2023 with the Tigers, Marisnick has slashed .222/.276/.259 with a half dozen hits or so. He's not tearing the cover off the baseball or anything, but the bats have been dead among the Tigers lineup recently anyways.

The big part of Marisnick's value to this point with the Tigers has been his outfield abilities. He's played some solid defense, tracking down balls well and just being a helpful addition to the Tigers outfield, especially with them trying to Plug'n'Play players there.

Marisnick has always had good defense, but even as he ages, his sprint speed has still been one of the best in the league. He's got good jumps and reads on flyballs. The sample size is small, so he has not been able to build up the number, but he is worth one out above average defensively.

Even though the Tigers have been able to get Matt Vierling and Kerry Carpenter back, Marisnick is still someone who will probably get some playing time. Without Riley Greene around, there may be some space to keep plugging in Marisnick in center, letting his glove carry his performance.

He was not brought in to swing the bat, he was brought in to play solid defense, and he has done that. The Tigers have had some bad luck with injuries, and Marisnick was/is a solid addition to provide that solid glove in the outfield and some organizational depth as things stand.

When it comes to the Tigers, adding in Marisnick was one of the moves that provided depth, but it's been one that has worked out swimmingly. Amid the injuries and his defensive performance so far, it's a move from Scott Harris that has worked quite well to this point.

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