Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera has hilarious reaction to changes to Comerica Park's dimensions

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Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners - Game One / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Miggy reacted to the Detroit Tigers changing Comerica Park's dimensions in a way you'd expect him to

The Detroit Tigers announced changes to Comerica Park's dimensions earlier today, something that fans and players alike have been waiting a long time for. The changes include moving the center field wall in 10 feet and lowering the walls from center field to right field.

Players have reacted positively so far to the news, mainly Eric Haase, who called the changes "more fair" to hitters. But one of the more funny reactions came from—you guessed it—Miguel Cabrera.

Miggy reacted to a post from the official Detroit Tigers instagram account about the changes to the dimensions. You can find the post here.

You can see Miggy's comments to the right of the post. If you don't have an Instagram account or can't see the post or comments for whatever reason, here's what he said in response to the news:

"Wow (laugh emojis) Por finnnn" (Por fin translates to "at last" in Spanish).

"Now I want to play more years (laugh emojis)"

This is funny for a couple of reasons. Miggy has played for the Tigers since 2008, and has dealt with the previous dimensions for his entire time in Detroit. Now, *after* he announced that the 2023 season will be his last, the Tigers announce these changes. That's just rough.

Additionally, this is also a bit ironic. Miggy proved time and time again during his prime that the confinds of Comerica Park could not hold his homers in. He has hit several home runs into the camera well some 450 foot away from home plate.

Could he have hit more home runs during his career had these changes been made sooner? Maybe, who knows? Maybe he hits his 500th home run in 2020 or earlier in the 2021 season. It probably wouldn't have made that much of a difference.

Nonetheless, this is a classic Miggy reaction. Will he actually play past the 2023 season now? Probably not. But it's still nice to see that he has a sense of humor about something that other players deem a serious issue.

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