Detroit Tigers: Tipping the cap to Miguel Cabrera

One last cap tip for Detroit Tigers legend, Miguel Cabrera.
Miguel Cabrera prepares to bat in his final game as a Detroit Tiger against the Cleveland Guardians.
Miguel Cabrera prepares to bat in his final game as a Detroit Tiger against the Cleveland Guardians. / Mandi Wright / USA TODAY NETWORK

Detroit Tigers faithful officially say goodbye to Miguel Cabrera.

While September was "Miggy Month," as we coined it here at Motor City Bengals, there's always room for at least one more piece on the Detroit Tigers legend, who has been a huge piece of this team since he arrived in the Motor City.

Though his career is officially over, the Detroit Tigers legend had quite the send-off. While this year was a big one, as Miguel Cabrera went on his farewell tour, and there were ceremonies at each venue along the way, the final weekend was the big send-off.

The Tigers handled the situation with such respect, sending off Miguel Cabrera in a great way. After all, the cliche saying is, "How can you not be romantic about baseball?" The Moneyball quote may be overused at times, but seriously, the send-off for Miggy was something special.

Seeing Cabrera head out to first base one last time and then end up having a ball hit to him it was like a work of art. It felt like a movie was unfolding; who could have scripted that better? Learning that he had to borrow Torkelson's glove just makes it even better, especially after seeing the picture of the signed glove with all his accomplishments written on it.

It has been an exceptional experience to watch Cabrera this year, but that final game was indeed something else. The baseball gods chose to intervene, and the storybook ending for Cabrera was a good one.

Even if he may not have finished things up with some walk-off hit or heroic home run, playing first base and taking the field one last time, plus fielding the grounder, was a really fitting end to things. Cabrera capped off his career in a great way, and the Tigers faithful got to give him one final show of love in his final send-off.

We've spent the last month talking through all of his accolades, accomplishments, statistics, and the great moments that have encompassed his career. But that final walk off the field, that final weekend, and that final game were exceptional.

It was a beautiful tip of the cap by the Tigers organization, treating Miggy to one heck of a send-off. For the Detroit faithful, it was a sad day to see Cabrera depart, as it closed a book, well, an era really, of Tigers baseball.

Though his playing days may be over, it was a glorious send-off, and the Tigers are inviting him to stay with the organization as he takes a Special Assistant role with the team's front office. On top of that, who knows, his kid might be on the Tigers' radar.... (yes, he's 12, it's a joke).