Detroit Tigers: No need to overthink the third overall pick

Just take the best player available.
Tigers president Scott Harris acknowledges the crowd as he   s introduced to them during the Detroit
Tigers president Scott Harris acknowledges the crowd as he s introduced to them during the Detroit / Eric Seals / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Detroit Tigers need to take the best player available with the third overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft

The Detroit Tigers are in a great position in today's MLB Draft. They can land a premiere talent that could potentially change the direction of this franchise. There are even rumors that the best player in the draft could fall into their lap. Of course, recent history would tell us that doesn't necessarily mean they'll take him.

There's a chance that LSU OF Dylan Crews, who's been the consensus No. 1 pick throughout the entire draft process, falls to Detroit. Obviously it's not guaranteed, but it could happen if a team cheaps out with their pick, likely the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are heavily rumored to be trying to sign someone to an underslot deal with the top pick in the draft.

It wouldn't be the first time they've done such a thing. They did it with Henry Davis in 2021. He's already in the big leagues, so you could say it has worked out for them so far, but there wasn't a Dylan Crews in that draft. I don't see how can pass on a player like him to save a few bucks and sign a lesser player further down the board, but that could very easily happen.

If the Pirates do indeed cut a deal with someone, this could be a golden opportunity for the Detroit Tigers. They could have their choice between Crews or Florida OF Wyatt Langford, depending on what the Washington Nationals do at No. 2 overall. An unenviable position. Scott Harris and company couldn't go wrong with that selection.

I'll keep this short. If they have their choice of one or both of Crews or Langford, they have to take one of them. They have to take the best player available. Even if they end up taking LSU RHP Paul Skenes if he's there, he'd be the best player available. All three of these college players have the chance to be generational talents.

I wouldn't hate taking either of the top high school bats in Max Clark or Walker Jenkins because they're both very good, but they'll just take longer to develop. Langford, Crews, or Skenes could all be fast-tracked.

The Tigers can't mess this up. They can't try to sign someone to an underslot deal. That's how we got Jackson Jobe instead of Marcelo Mayer. They can't overthink this. Just take the best player on the board.

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