Detroit Tigers: One huge problem that needs to be addressed

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers Game Two
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers Game Two / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages

The Detroit Tigers have one problem that needs to be addressed

The Detroit Tigers lost to the Cleveland Guardians on Wednesday by a score of 3-2. A three-run homer by Tiger killer Jose Ramirez proved to be the difference. But it shouldn't have been.

The Tigers went 1-for-9 with runners in scoring position in this game. We've talked a lot about the bullpen over the first couple weeks of the season, but it's been much, much better over the past week or so. It has not allowed a run since last Friday against the Giants. There has been one other common issue in the Tigers losses this season: situational hitting.

This team is putrid with runners in scoring position. They have no trouble getting runners on base, but they can't bring them home. They currently rank third-to-last in baseball in baserunners who have scored. They're hitting .203 as a team with runners in scoring position—also third-to-last. Only the Padres and Royals are worse in that regard.

They are dead last with 39 runs scored on a hit with RISP, and second to last in hits with RISP. This cannot continue.

This past series against Cleveland was a prime example. While they took two out of three, they still struggled bringing baserunners home. In game 1 of Tuesday's doubleheader where Kerry Carpenter hit a walk-off home run, the Tigers had 14 hits, but only scored four runs. They were just 2-for-11 with RISP. Look at some of their losses:

April 5 at Houston: 2-for-10

April 6 vs. Boston: 1-for-8

April 9 vs. Boston: 1-for-7

April 12 at Toronto: 0-for-8

Even in some of their wins they've struggled in this department. I don't know if it's the personnel or a mental thing or what, but they have to get better with runners in scoring position. They can't keep leaving that many ducks on the pond. The bullpen was awful up until this last week week or so, but its margin for error has been so small because the offense can't come through with runners on.

They've loaded the bases with one out or less on multiple occasions this year and have stranded every runner. It's very frustrating. The Tigers really need to clean things up in this area. The offense would be much better if they could just get some more clutch hits.

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