Detroit Tigers outfielder Kerry Carpenter exits game early with injury

Detroit Tigers right fielder Kerry Carpenter (30) catches a fly ball by Baltimore Orioles first baseman Ryan Mountcastle.
Detroit Tigers right fielder Kerry Carpenter (30) catches a fly ball by Baltimore Orioles first baseman Ryan Mountcastle. / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Detroit Tigers outfielder Kerry Carpenter may be heading for an IL stint.

The Detroit Tigers fell to the Orioles in-game from the series, but there may be more bad news coming from Thursday night's loss to Baltimore. The Tigers saw outfielder Kerry Carpenter have to exit the game early.

In the top of the sixth inning, Ryan Mountcastle drove a ball extremely deep, sending it to deep right center. Detroit Tigers outfielder Kerry Carpenter ranged back and robbed Mountcastle of a home run with a wonderful catch.

He jumped up and made the leaping grab, crashing into the wall and stealing the home run. He immediately threw the ball back in to avoid the runners moving up, looking to try and double up Adley Rutschman. He sort of double pumped then let the ball loose, and almost immediately, you could notice something was not right.

After letting the ball go and letting it eat, his arm kind of hangs as he stays hunched over. Following that, he ended up coming out of the game and exited with what was noted as an apparent shoulder injury. Here's the clip of Carpenter robbing the homer and making the throw.

Pay close attention after the throw to Carpenter's body language. It's not clear whether it was the jump against the wall or the throw that caused the injury, but honestly, from the looks, it seems like it was a shoulder injury during the throw.

It's truly speculation here, and the smack into the wall does not help in the slightest. However, the throw seems to be the kill shot here. Whether it's a shoulder injury or the throw put him over the edge, it is not ideal.

It looks like its something that is going to be a problem going forward. It's going to be something that the Tigers have to be worried about. Carpenter has been one of the Tigers hitters who has been hitting for power in 2023.

He's got the swing that is conducive to big juice numbers, and it's worked out so far during the 2023 season. Carpenter has hit only .197 but has four bombs on the season with four doubles and eight RBI on the season. He's got 13 hits on the season, eight of which are doubles or home runs.

A .197 average is not ideal, but when Carpenter gets on the barrel, the results have been hard. The Tigers could be without Carpenter for a bit if there's a long-term Injured List (IL) stint. For the Tigers, this could mean a call-up is in order.

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