Detroit Tigers: Riley Greene may miss remainder of 2023 season

The Detroit Tigers may finish the 2023 season without Riley Greene.
Aug 11, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Detroit Tigers center fielder Riley Greene (31) makes a
Aug 11, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Detroit Tigers center fielder Riley Greene (31) makes a / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers outfielder Riley Greene may be done for the season.

The Detroit Tigers may be without Riley Greene for the remainder of the 2023 season. After sustaining an elbow injury, there seems to be some concern that he may be unable to return to the field during the 2023 season.

Since arriving in the Motor City, Greene has been a bright spot on the Detroit Tigers roster. He's arguably been the Tigers' most exciting player as he's continued to develop into a stud and a focal point of the team's roster.

Last week, Greene showed off his exceptional outfield abilities as he ran down a ball in left-center field, laying out to make a diving grab. He made a full-out dive, supermanning to reach out and make the catch. He landed hard and ended up leaving the game early. Here's the highlight-reel grab from Greene.

Greene is not afraid to put the body on the line. He's no stranger to laying out for a diving grab, crashing into the wall, or doing whatever it takes to make the play happen. As a 22-year-old outfielder, he's going all out all the time.

The grab from above ended up being costly. As is the case when players constantly layout to make plays, it can come at a cost. For Greene, he injured his right elbow, and the latest updates have landed him on the 10-day Injured List (IL), with some bleak news on a return.

The injury could end Greene's season, though he is seemingly going to do whatever he can to make his return to the field. The Tigers youngster is seemingly eager to get back to it already but needs to take some time, work back up to 100%, and ensure he is healthy, which could require him sitting out the rest of the season.

Greene's played in 99 games for the Tigers, where he has slashed .288/.349/.447 with 19 doubles, four triples, and 11 home runs, plating 37 runs. He's hoping to get back on the field, but he will have to miss at least a week or so until the Tigers can re-evaluate, though there was some concern from A.J. Hinch and the Tigers that he may be out for the year.

It would be a tough blow for the Tigers, but the health of Greene matters more for the future than the rest of the 2023 season as the Tigers roll through the finish line. Greene's playstyle, being the outfielder who runs down any ball and would run through the outfield fence if he could to secure an out, could be an issue.

Greene may have to dial it in when he returns to the field. He may have to play a little smarter when he does return, but that's something A.J. Hinch is likely to petition for with the youngster, hoping to avoid another stint away from the field.

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