Detroit Tigers officially sign 2023 MLB Draft first-rounder Max Clark

The Detroit Tigers have finally agreed to terms of an under slot deal with third overall pick, Max Clark.
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers officially sign Max Clark under slot value.

The Detroit Tigers selected prep outfielder Max Clark with the third overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. It was rumored that Clark may go 1:1, but he ended up being on the board at three when the Tigers were up to make their selection.

After being drafted by the Detroit Tigers, it was rumored that Max Clark had agreed to sign an under-slot deal with the team. The Franklin, Ind. native has officially put pen to paper and signed his contract, which indeed included an under-slot signing bonus.

It was initially rumored that Clark was going to sign under slot at the Texas Rangers slot value, which was set at $7,698,000 per the MLB bonus pool information. Clark and the Tigers were able to agree on the deal, with his signing bonus being a reported $7.7 million. Signing him, basically, at Rangers slot value.

The Tigers' slot value for pick no. 3 in the draft was $8,341,700, meaning that they were able to save just over $640,000 on their deal with the supposed prep superstar. While it may not seem like some crazy under-slot deal, it does do the Tigers a favor.

Signing Clark under slot value allows them to save some coin to help round out the rest of their draft class and go over slot on players that they may really be looking to target. After all, they have 20 picks that have to be signed, plus undrafted free agents that the team chooses to bring in.

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For Clark, signing under slot is really no sweat off his back; after all, he's taking home $7.7 million as his signing bonus to play professional baseball with the Tigers organization. He was committed to play at Vanderbilt University, but after signing with the Tigers, he will forgo that commitment and get started with affiliate ball. Not that this shocks anyone, but a detail to note.

There was no worry that the Tigers were going to fail to sign Clark, but it's good to have that deal taken care of so they can continue to work through their draft class and figure out the details along the way to see where they are in terms of bonus pool money.

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