Detroit Tigers: Top 10 moments of Miguel Cabrera's career

Ending Miggy Month with the top 10 moments of his storied career.
Colorado Rockies v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Colorado Rockies v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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2. Home run off Mariano Rivera — Aug. 9, 2013

There's just something so incredible about this home run. Maybe it's the fact that two of the greatest to ever do it were battling out on a big stage. Maybe it's the fact that Cabrera had hurt himself earlier in the at-bat by fouling a ball off his knee. But this was just an amazing moment.

We already discussed this at length as well, naming it our best home run of Miguel Cabrera's career. We'd still say it's worthy of that title.

The look on Mariano Rivera's face says it all. He couldn't believe he got beat. He had Cabrera on the ropes in an 0-2 count, but couldn't put him away. Thus, he paid the price.

Everyone still talks about this moment to this day. When people think of Miggy's greatness, they often point to this home run. It may have just been a regular season game, but it was still a huge moment.

This is a great moment, but there's one that was better. What's No. 1?