Detroit Tigers: Projecting the top 5 picks in the 2023 MLB Draft

Here's the "how it might go" projections for the 2023 MLB Draft.
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic.
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic. / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Detroit Tigers draft day inches closer and closer.

The Detroit Tigers are quickly approaching draft day, and it will be time for the team to settle on a player and see who is available when the team picks at third overall. It's been a really intriguing spring on the draft circuit, seeing the rumors constantly change and just a ton of movement up and down draft boards.

For the Detroit Tigers, there's been several names tossed around and even some changes on who "the guy" might be for the squad. But in this piece, we won't talk about the Tigers only. This will be a piece analyzing & projecting the top five picks in the 2023 MLB Draft.

With that being said, this is simply my opinion. My thoughts on who will be picked, first, second, third, etc., looking at the 2023 draft board. The opinions are more of informed decisions, but in no way are the perfect projection. So take things with a grain of salt.

A bit of a personal thought here, it's been really tough to project the top of this draft, which seems crazy given how much the baseball world was all in on Dylan Crews and Paul Skenes early on. But some shifting and changing around the draft board made it less of a slam dunk to predict things. I think things have calmed down with the draft board jumps, as we close in on the big day.

The Tigers will have their pick of the litter at third overall, no matter how things play out. So even if this prediction is laughable by next week, the Tigers faithful should still be happy with how things play out. Especially since the team moved up in the draft lottery.

Let's jump into it, putting the Pittsburgh Pirates on the clock with the first overall pick.