Detroit Tigers: Projecting the top 5 picks in the 2023 MLB Draft

Here's the "how it might go" projections for the 2023 MLB Draft.
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic.
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic. / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Detroit Tigers: OF Wyatt Langford, Florida

Alright, hear me out. Before the pitchforks come out for not taking Dylan Crews, there are reasons to this madness. In this draft scenario, I have the Detroit Tigers taking outfielder Wyatt Langford from the University of Florida.

Do not get it twisted, overall, Dylan Crews is the number one draft pick in this entire draft class. He's exceptional, and his stats this season were god-like, but I got the Tigers taking Langford because who doesn't love a little chaos?

This is my personal belief/opinion leaking out, but I think that Langford has an extremely simple operation in the batters' box, and I like his ability to stay simple in the box and get the job done. He will translate well into affiliate ball with a wood bat, showing some power numbers that should project moving forward.

It's no slight to Crews, who will be a darn good big leaguer too, but Langford impressed me this Spring. Not that Crews did not, but I'm in on Langford; for whoever gets him, he will be a good big leaguer one day, in my opinion. For more on Wyatt Langford, check out his MCB Draft Profile.

For the Tigers, they are likely going to be deciding between some combination of Langford, Crews, and Clark/Jenkins. Langford or Crews are going to be the options since I think Clark will be 1:1, in my eyes.